Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Robert Kirkman Debacle

This is going to be brief but I've been following all this nonsense for the last two days and frankly... it's just ridiculous. I was going to actually sit down and write up a list of the things about his argument that are absurd or jot down the number of times he has contradicted himself post-video in his Word Balloon interview, and heck within the interview itself.

Don't get me wrong, I've loved a lot of Kirkman's books and have always been a fan of his choice of material but this whole thing just seems... pathetic. Kirkman is going to "save the industry" and his way of doing this is for everyone currently reading the big two companies superhero titles is to switch over to Image and let DC and Marvel publish kid specific lines? Hilarious. I really enjoyed the part in his rant where he talks about how the superhero stuff is so mature these days that it is uninviting to younger kids. He talks about how he got into comics during the 80's when comics were kid friendly. Am I wrong or didn't Daredevil in the 80's feature some of the most adult themed stories of all time? Batman Year One had a hooker Catwoman. Heck, Speedy was taking heavy drugs in the late 70's. Good grief man think this stuff through a little bit.

I'm not saying he's wrong on everything. I do agree that comics should be more kid friendly but to do that you don't need to run off all the older fans just to appeal to a younger audience. Being more accessible to kids could be as simple as less risque clothing on women and blocking out swearing. Not turning Bullseye into an angry clown or making the Punisher fire paint balls at criminals.

I have a ton to say about this but I'm not sure anyone is listening or even cares about yet another opinion on this topic so I'm just going to wrap this up by saying this. I believe Robert Kirkman ran out in a moment of youthful idealism, made some crap up without thinking it through and may be about to reap quite the whirlwind. Or maybe nothing at all will come of it. We'll see.

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